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Our Rules:

  • Do NOT submit crappy sites - those will not be listed so don't even bother submitting them. We only list high quality sites which surfers might actually want to look at.
  • We only list sites with a clear cut warning page in compliance to the general DMOZ adult site listing guidelines.
  • We will not list sites with missleading links of any kind including such as "Enter Here", "Continue", "Next", ....
  • No more than 2 banners per page.
  • We require a minimum of 20 pictures on every freesite submitted.
  • Unless we worked out another deal we will only accept one submission every 24 hours per webmaster.
    NEW Rules:

  • There have to be at least 20 pictures of the same episode (a min. of 12 is ok if your freesite has 3 or more galleries).
  • No FPA also means we won't list sites with a HPA, a banner and 200 lines of linked text (unless you got awesome content).
  • We will no longer accept freesites where our recip link is placed with too many too small sites on one of 50 doorways.
  • Content quality addition: All fullsized pictures must at least be 40-50kb in size (we like 60 and higher).
  • Do not submit a handjob freesite on a pissing domain.
  • Important: Do not use the same freesite template over and over again.
    Additional Rules:

  • No illegal websites of any kind. You can be sure that we will report you.
  • No popups or FPAs.
  • Do not submit sites with low quality pictures or shitty looking freesites
  • Do not put full sized pictures on HTML pages - you know why.
  • Do not submit sites on freehosts -> No Freehosts
  • Do not redirect any countries.
  • We will gladly list Pay and AVS sites if you link us outside of a protected area.
  • Do NOT submit galleries below.

    Linking Rules:
  • You MUST link back to us using one of our approved links ( Click here for our approved Reciprocal Links )
  • Our link MUST be easily visible & accessible to every surfer. On the first page it must be placed above your "Enter Here" link.
    • Note: If you submit autosubmitted crap sites or if you put our link on one out of 189737289 other doorway pages and submit the one were we will never see 1 single visitor from: Don't even bother submitting because you will go straight to the blacklist.
    • Place our recip on pages where you list other high quality sites such as PenisBot, PK, Hoes, ...
  • Do not modify our recip links. There is a reason why we want you to link to us in that specific way, please tolerate this.
  • We are not stupid: If you think you can submit a site, get accepted and then remove our link without being caught you are wrong.
  • We like sites that have a high Google Pagerank™. Submit them and let us know about them in the notes and you will recieve special benefits ;-).

Thank you for reading our rules. If you submit a nice site you will surely benefit from it.

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